Dvd burn problem

just purchased discs that when I burn data to I get message
F:\ file not accessable incorrect function
On disk packaging is message existing 2.4x drives will require a firmware update
Q. what is firmware and can you suggest what may be the cause of my problem
my burner is LG super multi DL 16x and the discs in question are Mag media DVD+r and DVD-r 1x-4
I do not have this problem withother media
hope you can help thank you

it has to be your media, if your not having any other problems with other brand blank dvd media then it must be that one in which I have never heard of Mag. before but I have read and experienced problems with different brands on certain dvd players, certain players seem to play certain brands of media dvd better than others, not to metion my burning speed as well. hope this helps.


thank you Mike