DVD burn problem.. help

Someone please help me. I’m not so good with computers. I’m having a problem burning movies with DVD+R DL. I have NO problem burning with the regular DVD R’s, RW’s, - or +. I have PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-K16D.
I use Roxio MYDVD the latest version with all the works. I had to download some driver updates to get it to work, but it does now work. When I try burning a DVD R+DL with the Roxio MYDVD program i get an error at the very end saying it had some kind of problem with the image iso or file or whatever and it seems that the disc is ruined and i have to try a new one. So i tried burning to a folder rather a Disc and tried burning it to the DVD R+DL using Copy to DVD program. I got an error. Dont remember what kind of error. So next i donwloaded ImgBurn and it got stuck at 9%. I went to ImgBurn - tools - drives - capabilities and it showed that my hardware is compatible with DVD+R DL.

Can someone PLEASE help me. Like i said i’m not very good with computers and i dont want to mess anything up so a step by step help would be MUCH appreciated.
Thank you.

Full rip to your hard drive with DvdFab HD Decrypter & then, I had some step by step help around here somewhere. Found it, whew, it is just a click away in my signature. Verbatim recommended for DL burning.

That doesnt help me much. Why DVDFAB? I just downloaded a firmware and updated my drivers again and tried with ImgBurn again. I clicked seamless and it stopped at 44%. Failed to write sectors 1858304 - 1858335 - Reason: Write error. Retrying 1 of 20, but it doesnt look like its retrying anything.

What brand of DL media are you using?

Slimtype burners really struggle with DL media at the best of times. Verbatim DL is the only reliable DL media to use.