DVD burn issues

I’m quite aware that these questions have arisen all too much, but I can’t seem to find what I need to fix the issue. I have a DVD player in my car and the fact is is that my DVD’s have a 5 minute shelf life in my car (and I’m one of those ultra-care-taking people with these things). Also, I watch movies at peoples houses and tend to forget them there. So, I’ve been trying to backup my entire collection. I’ll try and give out all the info I can:

  1. I don’t know the company of the burner, I bought it a year ago (no-name brand? It’s only recognized on my computer and the burner itself as 16x USB). It’s an external burner that burns every format under the sun.

  2. I’m using an HP pavillion ze5300… however most part are added externally since I put it on the roof of my car and drove off.

  3. I’m using DVDshrink latest version. I was using DVDfab, but it gave me horrible results. In DVDshrink I make a full backup excluding material such as subtitles and foreign languages, and for all special features I set at a different compression rate. Also, if I don’t want the material on it, I use still image. I’m NOT interested in re-authoring…

  4. I’m using Memorex dvd’s (+R’s)… At first I burnt at 4x on 16x dvd’s, then, made a mistake of buying more memorex’s in a hurry and accidentally bought 1x… honestly… ever since the 1x’s no DVD has burned properly with errors and discs just spinning and spinning in the player. However, I found an extra 16x and still had a write error.

  5. I’m having trouble with Army of Darkness, Alien, American Psycho, and all Pixar films (I especially want a full backup on Finding Nemo because of all the cool “screen savers” that play on your TV). Others have caused me problems… and I understand that not all DVD’s are burn friendly.
    Also, some discs say, “burn successful” then, won’t even show up when put in computer DVD drive.

  6. When I complete a burn, I test them on an old old RCA dvd player. This thing has no DVDR compatibility whatsoever. This is one reason why I test them here… because if it doesn’t play here, it doesn’t seem to play anywhere (on 4 seperate dvd players.)

I’m looking for any help in finally ending this issue of dvd’s sometimes working. I hate buying a pack of 50 dvd’s and only truly having a use for 20 of them because of errors. If I’ve done anything wrong, or maybe I need to throw out those new DVD+R’s. I’ll take all the help I can get, from the most expensive to the least expensive, with an obvious leaning towards least expensive… but if someone says that I’d be able to burn 95% of DVD by buying a $2000 pro machine, I just might… it’s highly annoying to waste so much…

It would help to know the make of your burner. Firmware updates for the drive are fairly important to get best compatibility with new media. And there is quite a bit of other useful info we might be able to tell you about it—if it bitsets +R disks automatically or not for example.

DVDShrink can’t break the newer drm schemes that have been added to many newer movies. You’ll have to use DVDFab HD Decrypter to get the movie onto the hard drive—or use AnyDVD in combination with your favorite ripping program. Once on the hard drive, you can adjust the size and content with Shrink. I personally prefer the higher quality you can get with DVDRebuilder, despite the much longer encoding time.

Stop using Memorex. There is no telling what kind of quality you will get. Most people around here recommend 16x Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden disks (TY is found online mostly, at sites like rima.com) An alternative would be HP branded disks made by CMC Magnetics.

Best compatiblity for you old RCA player would probably be bitsetting (booktyping is another term for this) +R disks so they appear to be dvd rom disks to your player. Since we don’t know whether your burner can do this, or which software you need to use to enable this, you’re probably better off using -R disks.

There are several things a play here and not knowing the finer details about your burner I can only suggest a few things.

1] Try to find out more about your burner and make sure that it’s firmware is up-to-date.

2] Memorex which is usually Ritek or RiData can be hit and miss in quality. You should use some better quality media like Verbatim or TY. Since it’s only single layer media you should be able to purchase these at a reasonable price. Using 16x media is fine and a suggested burning speed would be 8x or 12x.

3] If the burner in question is a no name, then chances are it will not booktype DvD+R to DvD-Rom, thus you should be using DvD-R so you don’t have a compatibility issue or reduce you chances considerably depending how old your dvd player is.

4] Copy protections, make sure that you are using something to remove them. IE. AnyDvD

5] Since you are only dealing with single layers, instead of you wasting a bunch of blank disks, invest in a dvd-rw, so if things screw up you can erase the medium and start over, at least until you figure your problem out.

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Yeah, that makes all too much sense… actually, I did some looking around at the store where I bought it and found they still had it.

It’s a magicspin dvdrw 1016ui

Download Nero CD/DVD Speed (a free download), open it and your burner’s designation and current firmware should be found near the top of the window. From a cursory look around here at cdfreaks, your burner is a BTC model, and the last firmware I saw was A089.

Look at this thread

There may be more information about the drive in the BTC subforum of the optical drives forum. As I said, I didn’t investigate very thoroughly.

I’ve never been impressed with BTC drives, but never owned one of their burners. My dvd rom drive from them was never particularly good. You might want to look at some of the new external drives from Lite-On or Samsung for sale at Newegg.

hi there i’m trying to copy a disc that is also a copy, but it says creation of dvd files was not succesful. module1 navigation pack.cpp 281 tce. has someone put a code in it to stop me doing it? i am using clonedvd, please help as i havent a clue, plus i would like to wipe the smile of the smug git that did it