DVD burn is jittery/jumpy

I have been trying to burn a wmv file to DVD because the VCD that I made did not play in everyones DVD player (played perfect in MY DVD player though). Every DVD that I have burned so far playback very jumpy or jittery during any movement, zooms, etc. (mostly just the video, however sometimes the audio will briefly skip, like a scratched cd).

I have to add that because the VCD did not work out for everybody, I recently purchased a lite-on DVD burner.

I am running Windows XP sp3, AMD Athlon 951MHz processor, 640 MB RAM. (I know. WEAK! Another suspect)

Using Nero 7 Essentials to author/burn.

Any input is appreciated. I now have more coasters than I have glasses

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Most of times playback issues are due to a bad burned disc, and most of times the cause is a low quality disc.

Try again to burn on a proven quality disc like a Verbatim: this should solve :slight_smile:

@ ronneeddaniel,

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From the limited information provided in your above initial posting it appears that your described problem (jumpy/jittery video-audio playback viewing) is the classic textbook symptom of the use of poor quality problematic blank Media.

To consistently obtain quality error free Burning results only use known proven high quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media.

Also ensure that your undisclosed DVD Burner has the newest most current up to date available Firmware installed. Also don’t record your blank Media at Maximum Speed but at speed lower than the Media rated speed.