Dvd burn in my pc dont finish to play in my home dvd?



Hi my problem is that when I convert avi files to dvd.they all work fine on my pc even some time I notice some slow motion but, when I play the dvd in my home dvd player the movie never finished ,about 3/4 and the film freeze and stop.
Could it be that the home dvd player need to be ajusted? maybe film converted on pc are that bit longer?not sure about that so please if any of you know the possible answer please let me know and also why the movie go in slow motion sometime ?I have got an 950 duron one gl memorys maybe is the processor not fast ?any ideas thanks all for your time and trouble


There are lots of possibilities. One thing that comes to mind is that your media isn’t very good and you have a lot of errors toward the outer edge of the DVD. This is a common problem. It might be that your home player is fussier than your DVD burner in your PC at reading these discs. Running a scan (e.g. Nero CD/DVD Speed or Lite-On’s K-Probe) will tell you if this is the case.


Thanks but I use the best disc RiDisk well was told they are good but if you know better please let me know thanks again Gerry


If you mean Ritek RiData, they are excellent, but a scan is still worth doing. It will tell you the quality of your burns and rule this out as a possibility.


I would look more into my burning softwere First.


In my experience the only time a movie has frozen or skipped is because i burned it too fast. I would try burning the movie at a slower speed and see if that helps. If you burn too fast a lot of times your errors usually happen at the end of the dvd and thats what causes the freezing and skipping.


Thanks so much what software you will think is best to burn?am using copy to dvd at the present?


ok the software i use is copy2dvd but if you know of a program who will do better please let me know thanks



hi thanks for reply what scan do u mean ?


Nero CD/DVD Speed is a good one (http://www.cdspeed2000.com).


OK done the test with Nero dvd speed and that what it find–Speed average 4.05X
start 3.44X end 4.59X type CAV is this macke any sense to u Jim but I dont get it explain to me please because as far that I know you can only copy at x4 speed with dvd or x8 if you got the right media but I only use 4 so maybe is wast of time to many problems one day the movie is ok another day the sound dont syncronise and another day the movie seem to play normal then slow down like slow motion and ok again but thanks to all who try to help me or give me advice.