DVD buring at only 8x speed?

1 x Asus quiet-track and 1 x TssTcorp DVD writers

I have both the above drives in my PC both connected through SATA.
I havent done anything to them other than connect them up.

I am using Nero Express Essentials 7 to burn DVD video folders onto blank DVDs.

I dont know what brand the discs are since they are just plain white on top and purple underneath.
In tiny letters in the middle clear part seems to be stamped something like…WAHn_37 then lots of numbers.

Can I burn Video TS folders etc faster than 8x???

The Asus drive is rated up to 16x.

Do I need to check or alter any drive settings?

Thanks alot!


I just updated the firmware for the drive from the asus site now too.

Use better media.

Oh right.
Is there a brand you can recommend for me?

By using better media will it also burn faster?


Taiyo Yuden (TY) or Verbatim. It’s not about burning faster, it’s about finding the best write speed for the media that you choose to get the best possible end product. Unless you have done any enhancements, the maximum 8X media will burn at is 8X or the maximum 16X media will burn at is 16X but that doesn’t mean maximum speed is the best speed to achieve the best quality burn.