DVD Bufferunderun

When burning CDs, if Bufferunderun kicks in, and the option to show it is checked in Nero, it way say that “Bufferunderun occured ‘X’ amount of times”.

But when burning DVDs, it never shows the amount of times Bufferunderun has occured, even if it did occur.

Is there a way to show it?

Of the 3 recorders i own, none of them have buffer underrun protection, so i just make sure i am not running something processor intensive while burning DVD’s. What is the make and model of your DVD recorder? Does it have buffer underrun protection in the DVD mode?

The last section on this page:
What does plus in DVD+RW/+R stand for?
suggests that buffer underrun is less of an issue with some DVD formats than it was with CDROM. particularly this piece:
The key feature of DVD+RW/+R media is high [spatial] frequency wobbled [pre-]groove with addressing information modulated into it.
This makes it possible to resume interrupted [or deliberately suspended] burning process with accuracy high enough for DVD[-ROM] player
not to “notice” anything at playback time.

I have the Pioneer 107 which has 2MB cache.

For example, when I’m burning from my C Drive, and I open Internet explorer or start another program, I can see the buffer levels in Nero drop.

While burning at 4X, sometimes when I do the above, sometimes the speed of the burning will drop to like 2X, and the buffer will be really low, which I’m sure Bufferunderun has kicked in.

I think this is a function of a format. In short, i have never seen burn proof or any other buffer underrun protection technology turned on at the beginning of a DVD burn. Since it seems to be innate with the DVD+R format, nero may not detect it properly and therefore does not count it.