DVD bruning problem

I have recently bought BENQ DW1800 DVD±R. When I try to burn any data in DVD disc using nero, it burns but give some error msg"error:cant write disc at once". When I insert that dvd disc again in DVD writer, it(dvd writer) unable to read the data in the Disc. When I try to write more data in disc, a error msg appears “not able to write data in an open disc”. I could not write any DVD successfully since I have bought it. I have wasted 4-5 discs because of this error. Is the problem with DVD writer or DVD disc or Nero?

What brand of dvd media are you using? The Benq 1800 is a rebadged Liteon drive.

I use writex DVD discs. http://www.writex.net/

Best to try with some Verbatims which should be available as they are manufactured in India.

OK, I will look for it in the market.

I tried “Prassi one” burner. It is burning the same media successfully. I think there is a problem in the settings of Nero. So I will continue using prassi becuase I dont have much knowledge about Nero settings.
Thanks to u all for helping me.

@TimC… Verb MII discs are not sold here, as they have a license agreement with MBI not to sell them in India. They would impinge on MBI’s marketspace.

The web-site makes some spectacular claims!

“0% defect”
“100% performance”
“50 years + protection”
“Design to last a lifetime”

Try some Verbatim or TY. If they work better than the
Writex discs, you should print out a copy of the Writex
web-page, wrap it around the Writex discs and send
them back to Writex.

But the Writex web site ONLY talks about CD-R not DVD-R/+R…

^But they are pretty widely available here. MBI rebadges.