DVD brands...important or not?



Greetings! This is my first post and it is out of desperation. :confused: My burner is a Philips DVD+RW DVD 8601 that came with my PC. I have been successful burning DVDs before, but just purchased new DVD+R discs today and have tossed out 5 of them. I use DVD Shrink 3.2 for decryption and Nero 6 Ultra Edition (sometimes SmartStart, or ROM, or Express) to burn the disc. The DVDs I purchased today were a 100 pack spindle of Hewlett Packard (DVD+R 8x) that had a $30 instant rebate…making them quite cost effective. :rolleyes: I have no idea why I am having such difficulty tonight, but I am looking for any guidance you all might be able to offer to me. I am especially frustrated, because I have no idea if I can even return this open package of DVDs that are just not working for me!
Thanks in advance for your help… :slight_smile:


Hey smile71…You aren’t going to smile with that media. Neither will your drive. Bottom line is you get what you pay for and from my experience HP media is junk. Usually CMC Mag which is pretty low grade stuff. As far as returning opened media, it depends who you got it from. I had one experience with Office Depot where I brought a scan that I printed out in to prove it was junk and they did refund me. Whether that was luck or not, I don’t know but it’s worth a try. If you go through any of the drive forums you will see 1 main consistancey in medias. The major player for media is TY. Branded or unbranded. To get them retail at a store, look at Best Buy for Fuji media but it must state made in Japan. This will be a TY media. I’ve also found TDK’s (labled made in Japan) to be TY’s as of late also. Best bet is to order from www.rima.com or www.supermediastore.com for your TY’s at the best price.


DVD Disc brand is not nearly as important as the MID (media identification) code on the disc. This can make all the difference. Sticking with brands such as taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and TDK can steer you clear of burn errors and dye degradation. The guys on this forum will make other good suggestions. It pays to test brands by buying singular discs before making the big spindle purchase.


Download your self a tool (Free) to get your mid codes @ www.dvdinfopro.com and check out the DVD quality guide in polushon’s signature.


Some stores will let you return opened media, some won’t. Sometimes it just depends on if the manager feels like being a prick.
In answer to your question, dvd brands dont really mean anything, but not in the way you are thinking. the disks you got are probably cmcmage01 or philipsc08. The majority of media that you see in stores are not made by the company selling them, in fact their are relativlly few companies that actually produce media compared to the number of brands out their.
All dvd media contains a media code on the disk that identifies who the manufacture is and what model it is. Use this free program to read the media code off yours, both the ones that are not burning good and others that have burned good (you can read the code on stuff that you have already burned or blanks).
My computer seems to be a little stuborn about going to the site to get the url but just google dvd identifier.
Media codes are extreeeemly important and basically will be the deciding factor if your burns go good or not. You want to find what media codes are good, further find out what media codes work well with your burner, and you should be good to go.
Another very important thing is the firmware on your drive. The drive reads the media code and the firmware has instructions on how to burn each particular media code. If you have older firmware, which if you have never updated it, you probably do, newer firmware might very liklly fix your problem.
Go here to enter a brand and see what media codes that brand of media uses
That probably wont do you much good right now, but bookmark it as it is a very valuable database once you learn a little.
Go here to find out about your drive, firmware, and what medias work well with it.
It might look like a lot of information but spend a little time reading through it. If you post the media codes of the media you have here, I can tell you a little about them and guide you towards getting more.
Another issue you can look into is error scanning. with most drives you can scan a burn to see how well it burned (rather than does it play as that is a little ambigious plus thier are other issues with playability beyond the media quality or how well it burned).
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