DVD Brand Change

I changed from a 8x DVD-R disk to a 16x DVD-R disk. I am using DVDfab Gold. I now get a message as to what speed to write. Fastest, slowest, 4x or 2x. I never got this message using the 8x disks. The message defaults to the 4x mode. I used this and had no problems other than it takes longer to copy. Is this a normal message, should I write at 4x, or should I go back to the 8x disks?
Thanks in advance for your response!

What write speed do you have set in Common Settings? Try setting 8X there.

Yup… :iagree:
I’m sure I speak for signals as well…While default settings are often “ok” for the “roughing in” period, many auto settings just plain stink. Ultimately, it’s preferable to configure your own settings especially when it comes to something like burn speeds.

Myself I use 16X Verbatims and burn at 12X with no problems, you could start at 8X and go up from there and see how the movies turn out, some burners are better than others at burning at a faster speeds, but use good quality media :bigsmile:

I agree with everyone above. I’ve noticed that when I use media other than Verb. 16x +R, I’ll get the box you have mentioned. And the setting in common settings for write speed will avoid that as well. Good luck ! ~ Mike

Thanks for all of the replies. My setting is at write speed 8x, but when program starts to write, the pop up box comes up and asks for the write speed. There is no option other than the 4 I mentioned above.


Your burner is the problem does not like the 16x disks. See if there is a firmware update for it. What burner do you have that would make it easier to help you.