Dvd boot (plextor px116a)



I have a plextor px116a dvd reader on asrock 775v88+ (southbridge VIA VT8237) with pentium IV 3GHz. If i set the bios for booting from dvd and try to start pc with an original (silver) bootable dvd, it boots from dvd, while if i use a copy of the same dvd, pc does not read the dvd and starts from hard disk. If I move my dvd reader on another motherboard (asus p2bs with celeron 333! chipset Intel PIIX4E) and set up bios for booting from dvd, pc starts from both original dvd and its copy. I tried another one motherboard (abit AS8, southbridge intel ICH5R) without success: pheraps plextor px116a dvd reader firmware conflicts with raid or serial ata (or both) of Via VT8237 and Intel ICH5R?
Via arena forum told me to try to search an answer in this forum. You are my last resort! Can anyone help me?



I use AMD board, but did you try update chipset drivers?



Yes, i tried both “Via 4in1v449” and “via_hyperionpro_v504a”