DVD Blocked!

I have a boring old Philips DVD723, but the tray has somehow got blocked and won’t open. Has anyone got any idea how I can open it?

Thanks :a

Carefully take it apart and try to see if you notice anything wrong thats blocking it?

How do you mean block? As when you press the button it won’t open or is there a media inside of it right now that is stuck in there? Have you tried to use a paper clip to push in the little small hole on your drive face to see if it will manually open up? If those don’t work power down your computer and unhook all the cable and p/s to the drive and then slowly and patiencely remove the screws and pop the top or bottom off making sure you don’t loose anything. Then do a inspection to see what has come off or broken. And while your at it use a glass lens cloth cleaner and glass lens cleaner solution to slow clean your laser lens to remove dust and dirt or grease on the lens to improve reads. But if it is a broken part in the drive itself I would say it’s time to get a new drive as they are relatively inexpensive now depending the drive and manufacture of them.