DVD Blank media top 5? and where do you buy Taiyo Yuden

I’m new and want to know the TOP 5 Bland DVD media to buy for burning movies?? What are the TOP 5 and sibce I read that Taiyo Yuden IS an excellent Blank DVD Media, I will ask you, Where can I buy it, what’s the best type of Taiyo Yuden to get ans MOST important, Where can I buy it, I’m in Colorado…

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Best vendor to get your Taiyo Yuden from is www.rima.com - check out their ratings at www.resellerratings.com

They have very good pricing for “A” Grade TY media and very reasonable shipping rates-

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Any shop in Europe or at least that can ship there, where you can find TY (CD/DVD)?

This shop has Plextor CD-Rs and DVDs.

(hardware > media)

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Top 5 … I would think most would include TY and Verbatim in that list … most likely at the top.

TY media:

Online … some good suggestions made already. Judging from most people’s experiences, you can’t really go wrong with Rima.com.

Local (Colorado) … you should check out ripit’s weekly post in the Bargain Basement thread.

From the litter of local ‘box’ stores, these are most likely your options for TY media under these brands:

Fujifilm 8x +R: YUDEN000 T02 ( MADE IN JAPAN )
Fujifilm 8x -R: TYG02 ( MADE IN JAPAN )

SONY 1-8x +R: YUDEN000 T02 ( MADE IN JAPAN )


NOTE: Fuji’s are phasing out their TY media and moving towards media from Taiwan, so be aware of that when you look at the product packaging. In most cases (of the 3 brands listed above), the Made in JAPAN media will be TY … with the EXCEPTION of SONY 1-8x -R’s (which are SONY’s own media MID - ie. SONY 0D11 or something of that nature - THIS IS NOT TY).

Each brand also has Taiwan made media as well … so, do yourself a favor, and inspect the packaging very closely to make sure you get the Made in Japan media (again note my comments on the Sony -R’s, which are not TY even though they may be made in Japan).

TY … YUDEN000 T02 & TYG02 both are excellent media. Your particular burner (you should mention what you’re using to get a better response) may prefer one and/or the other. In most cases, both work just fine.

This week … Fuji’s are on sale at Best Buy and Staples. Good luck.

Ditto that! If I had to choose just ONE, it would be the Yuden000 T02 because of the ability to booktype +R media…

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How’s the weather in Antarctica? :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with Sony 8x- (Sony08D1) Made in Japan Burns at 16x

Thanks for the input. I never slighted it, but rather was pointing out it is NOT TY media - ie. I was addressing his question re. TY media availability in local stores.

Online shops in Europe that ship original TY media: os-mediatrade.de and svp.co.uk.