Dvd blank media codes don't get it

i really don’t understand what is the deal with all the different code tg000? and so forth i mean the sonys i’ve been buying the 8x and the 16x play the movies just fine that i backup with no jumps or anything but the scan shows errors at the edge of this disk should i worry. Honestly don’t understand what the deal is my brain is starting to get fried reading all this. If my movies play just fine then is there anything to worry about… my only issue now though is to look for another writer to take stress off the pioneer 111d for scanning purposes…I just don’t get it sorry guys if this is in the wrong spot…i have read and read and don’t see why this has to be that confusing

Jeez, your still on the same subject!

Stop making new threads, your on a slippery slope!!! :a

This issue (drives) is being discussed here :wink:

Now, as for mediacodes…what is it you don’t understand?

its not the same subject…why is everyone out to get me… i want to understand why you guys look for certain codes instead of just like SONY or MAXELL… from what i have read and read and read you all have seem to have found that some are better than others… the only one i do understand is that if one is made in one country MIJ is a better quality than another like the MIT…i just want to understand and this board can get very confusing with everyones opinion that is all… sorry for asking thought that is what these kinda boards were for to help not beat someone to death…SORRY

Actually the MIJ vs. MIT topic is overemphasized IMO, as there is some MIJ media that is nothing spectacular, and there is MIT media that is among the very best (such as some Verbatim media). Brand alone means nothing, the actual media code of the discs will identify who actually made the media. For example, your particular Sony discs are made by Taiyo Yuden, which is normally very high quality media. But Sony also uses other media codes such as some Sony media codes, some of which are also very good while others are average. HP uses mostly CMC media, Verbatim uses mostly MCC media code media (their own media) although it is actually made by different companies such as CMC and Moser Baer and the quality will vary depending on who actually produced it. Memorex uses media from several different sources. Etc. It’s a neverending process of keeping up to date on what brands tend to use what media codes, what media codes are preferred, etc.

You’ll learn all this stuff gradually if you hang around here long enough - I’m still learning :slight_smile:

The media code (or MID) thing, you’ll pick up bit by bit as I say. It’s not something that can be answered in one post.

The reason why we look for certain codes, is a lot of brands (let’s take Maxell, as an example) can use different companies to make their discs - e.g. a Maxell disc with a MID of MAXELL003 is genuine Hitachi-Maxell media (and MIJ), whereas a Maxell disc with a MID of RITEK G05 is made by Ritek (in Taiwan), and not so good. :slight_smile:

That’s not to say MIT media is bad…as scoobie states above, the MIT MCC (Verbatim) can be excellent.

Hope that helps at least a bit…and no-one is out to get you. :wink:

UMKANE, a short take on your question about media codes:

There are many more brands of blank media than there are manufacturers of blank media, and many brands shop around for the cheapest media they can find and then sell it under their own brand.

That’s why it’s not a good idea in most cases to just look for a brand (Memorex), a media type (DVD+R) and a certified speed (16x) because that information simply isn’t enough to know what you’re gonna get.

In the above example (Memorex 16x DVD+R) there are at least 6 different manufacturers of that media with widely different characteristics.

That’s why experienced CD Freaks look for the Media Code, also known as Manufacturer IDentification or “MID”. This is not foolproof however, since there can be different “grades” of media determined by quality control where some brands are known to get the best grade and others are known to get the cheaper grades, and also because some manufacturers “borrow” the MID from other manufacturers - also known as “fake” media codes.

If you want to know more about this subject, I suggest you read more in this forum - especially the sticky threads. There’s really no shortcut to getting a solid understanding of this subject.

thank you…very much starting to get it more…sorry guys brain was fried…since last friday after buying my pioneer 111d@1.23 i’ve been reading this forum more than i have ever read anything (seriously) and it was hard to comprehend everything… i guess before i go out and by the next spindle plus whats on sale i’ll check here to see what the latest codes are to check for… for ex: just put in a maxell and it was ritek G03 so from what i just read that was made in Taiwan and not so good. Around the hub it has vr5ch3-00013 so if it was maxell i wanted it would have around the hub MAXELL for the beginning not the vr5ch3…right…if so i’m starting to understand and thank you guys I really am cool (whatever that means) and just don’t want to get screwed…thanks

Just to add something - I’m assuming you’re in the US, and from what I’ve read around here and in the Bargain Basement, MIJ Maxell (at least for 16x) can’t be found in spindles…you may find some in jewel cased 5-packs, though.

The key is to look for “Made in Japan” on the packaging :slight_smile:

If I’m right, and you are from the US, and can buy online…www.rima.com sells genuine stuff :wink:

Yep, 16X MIJ Maxell can only be found in jewel cased packs thus far, but MIJ Maxell is actually quite plentiful in 8X spindles :iagree:

You lucky devils - any 8x Maxell spindles over here are almost always guaranteed to be Ritek :sad:

In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen a single MIJ spindle, either 8 or 16x, over here :eek:

yeah i am in the US good ol’ TAMPA, FLORIDA…thanks for the advice on the maxell i’ve only found the MIJ of SONY in 25 packs spindles no 50’s yet

If you have a Best Buy near you they have Verbatmin MCC 004 16X+R’s for $14.99 a 50 pack spindle. Picked 2 of them up today and threw my Ritek G04’s in the trash. :smiley:

Because we are [B]freaks[/B] :bigsmile:
Freaks tend to look for things the hard way , I’ve been using all kinds of media I could get from here Egypt and was very happy with them : LG , Benq , Samsung , my only concern was to get media in jewel cases :iagree:
After I became a cdfreak , it all changed , my friends look at me as if I were : [B]freak[/B] :sad:
I started collecting MIJ media like crazy , I don’t even know whether I have enough data to put on them or not :stuck_out_tongue:
As I always say : ignorance is a blessing , knowledge is pain , but a sweet pain :wink:

Welcome to the club :flower:

yeah i do have a bb right near me…currently still have some sony 16x +r d21 left though and after reading i should be good…these are real i think but hey can’t pass up the chance to get more good media though right…

If it’s on sale and you like it you might as well buy more while it’s cheap. Case in point: I have 1400 Sony MIJ 8x+R’s (Yuden T02’s); however there is at least one person on this forum with more. 8x in brick and mortar stores will soon be extinct.