DVD Blank Disc quality

Hi, Can any of you more experienced Freaks out there list the top DVD blank makes? I agree Princo is a load of rubbish, they hardly last one viewing session. So, what in your experience are the best to use for longevity and quality?

There is a search function, if you want details use it, however two of the best are:

Taido Yuden

It also matters what works best with your drive and firmware. Their are several good medias, but they are only good for you if your burner burns them well. Just having good media is not enough. Learn to scan and find what media burns best on your drive.
Just to throw another one out thier, ricohjpnr01 4x media, found under several brand names. Even though they are 4x, they burn great on many drives at 8x. some can even burn them at 12x. I just did a scan for a friend who burned on for the first time on his benq1620, and I have to say I am amazed (and a little iritated that he can burn them beter than me). MAx pi was 6 but thier are ony a few little spikes above 4 and nothing solid above 2. Pif max was 2 and only a few spikes above 1. Come to think of it thouigh, I have gootten a few burns this good in the past at 6x, and I have no idea what speed he burned at. I must admit that I am a ricohjpnr01 fan boy though and these disks are my workhorse disks when I want the best burns. I don’t know why I am describing the scan, here it is.

Hi Ripit,
Thanks for all the info. Both Princo and BenQ I have used and they all burn just fine but don’t last. I have also tried Sony. Never heard of Taido Yuden but we can get Verbatim here in South Africa. I use an “Emprex” DVD burner on one machine and a “Teac” on my other. Both writers burn fine but it’s the discs I need to last longer than two viewings without breaking down. I don’t understand the “scan” process you describe and illustrate or how to do it.

mantloko, I understand that blank media in South Africa is very expensive. If you want to be safe, burn the media at its rated speed or one tick lower. Burn 8x rated media at 8x, 16x rated at 12x or 8x.

Taiyo Yuden makes media under the brand Fujifilm (+R/-R), Sony (+R), TDK (+R/-R), Verbatim pastels, Thats and more. They all must show Made in Japan. You can check the media ID with DVD Identifier.