DVD blank after burning multisession?

hi, I’m new here and I registered to see if someone can help me with an odd problem I had.

I burned a multisession DVD thinking that I will add some files to it later. But after burning, I found that the disc was blank, though I could see that data was written on it by looking at the bottom of the disc. Both winXP and DVDinfopro say that the disc is blank, yet Nero recognizes the multisession and allows to ‘continue multisession disc’. So did something go wrong and the disk is useless, or will Windows recognize it when I add some files and finish the disk? Will this happen everytime I want to burn a multisession DVD? Nero did give me a warning that a multisession DVD could be unreadable with some DVD players and earlier versions of windows, but I didn’t think that I won’t be able to read it on my PC…

I have a 2500a set as secondary master with Herrie’s 1.07 beta 5 firmware, burned the disc with Nero 4x speed, multisession, using a Verbatim DVD+R which identifies as ricohjpn01. I left about 2GB free space on the disc which DVDinfopro recognizes, but at the same time it says the media is empty. Burning went with no errors, so I was quite surprised when I found that it was blank.

sorry if it has been asked before, I searched and didn’t find any topics with the same problem.
Thanks in advance!

what os do you have?

looks like other have had the same issue:

could be the version of nero apparently: