DVD Bitsetting capabilities for Samsung SH-W162C burner

A happy new year for everybody,

Is there any tool for DVD bitsetting (DVD+R/RW/DL) that can be used on the Samsung SH-W162C drive?

I know that Nero allows us to change the bitsetting, but I was wondering if there is such a stand alone tool for Samsund optical drives, as i do not use Nero much.

Thanks in advance for your answers,

the new firmware has autobitsetting
so you don’t have to use nero to change the booktype to DVD-ROM

Oddly enough this seems to work in Nero, but not in other programs such as ImgBurn. ImgBurn burns a DVD+RW as +RW on this Samsung drive and there is no way to change it to -ROM. Also, when I try to change booktype settings using CDspeed for this drive, all possibilities are greyed out…


just made a burn in nero and although I set it to bitset the discs to -ROM and it shows in the log it bitsets it to -ROM, it still gets burnt as +RW :frowning:

I’m using FW TS10 by the way.

Bitsetting a RW media to DVD-ROM is not very useful, except for few very obsolete standalones.

That’s exactly why indeed. I like to burn a movie to a +RW and then erase it after I’ve watched it. My standalone pioneer dvd player accepts +RW without a problem normally, but doesn’t like these Traxdata 8x +RW (mediacode RITEK-008-00) unless they are bitsetted to -ROM.