DVD Bad Sectors



Hi, I am new here, and this is my first post, so please forgive me if this has been asked. I’ve downloaded and burned over 400 movies to DVD using ConvertXtoDVD because I like the menu options.

I have used several different brands of DVD-R’s. Lately with some of the movies I have tried to play on my TV’s DVD player, they just stop at some point and don’t advance…leaving an image on the screen. I decided to copy them to an external hard drive in the event the DVD’s are getting old and going bad.

The problem is, at least half of them are showing bad sectors to which Imgburn or DVD-Cloner 2013 attempts to skip these sectors. My question is, are these DVD’s truly going bad and are these “Bad Sectors” truly unreadable? Before attempting to copy them, I only played them once, and then kept them in a zippered DVD “book” in the sleeves. Would a different DVD drive be better at reading them? Please advise…I truly don’t feel like working with all these movies again and redoing the menus.


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Now on to your issues with the dvds. It is possible that the dvds are deteriorating, or that the original burns were not as good as you thought. We recommend Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden as two of the most reliable types of dvds that you can use.

Since the dvds are not encrypted, newer protection schemes won’t be a problem, and using DVDDecrypter might help. It is one of the most robust programs for ripping dvd-video.

If the discs have deteriorated badly, you might also try ISOBuster. There is a free version, but I don’t remember offhand if the free one will work with dvd-video. There is also ISOPuzzle, but I haven’t used it: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/IsoPuzzle

And yes, some dvd drives are better readers than others. You should try the problem discs in several if they are available.


I think the free IsoBuster will do this . I don’t actually think it is the best though.
I have an older pro version & I would say the same.

I prefer IsoPuzzle & sometime the “original” version of it h2cdimage.


@ Kerry56 , I need to look up one of my posts so I can put in the link.
IsoPuzzle only works well if you use the wnaspi32.dll from h2cdimage.s zip.
You can no longer get this from Nero & even if you do it won’t be the correct one.
Still IsoPuzzle or h2cdimage will give you the best results .
If one of those don’t recover a good copy you might as well give up.

In addition to that you might try a different DVD player.
My LG is more forgiving than my Magnavox units


Thank you for the guidelines, and the advice. I’ll give those things a try and see how it goes.


Here is the wnaspi32.dll file from H2CDImage if anyone needs it: http://upload.cdfreaks.com/Kerry56/wnaspi32.dll


@ xRick64x , Just to let you know h2cdimage is a German program & command line . It does take English commands .
If you can use IsoPuzzle it is easier.
The trick with both is they can work on the dvd with different drives.
You use the same files. This way if you have several drives . One may read one section of a dvd better than other drives & vice versa. I have used 3 different drives & 2 different computers on a “bad” DVD .
So far I’ve only had one I couldn’t recover.
I’ve only done commercial dvds with these but writable DVDs without encryption should be easier. I usually use these programs with AnyDVD because of the encryption.


These tips are great!
My problem is that my drive will not mount the corrupted DVD.
Have tried IsoBuster, but disk will not mount…
Any tips?


I your drive won’t “mount” the DVD then no software can work with it.

Maybe “mount” is the correct term for a mac . Since that is what you said you have in the other thread.

The most correct term for me is read . The result is the same . If a drive won’t even read a CD then software can’t work on it.

In the software mentioned above IsoBuster can often at least read the files even when Windows can’t. At least that has been the result for me on a certain type of burned DVD.


[QUOTE=myce-drive;2697982]These tips are great!
My problem is that my drive will not mount the corrupted DVD.
Have tried IsoBuster, but disk will not mount…
Any tips?[/QUOTE]

If it won’t even recognise the disc then as cholla says there’s very little you can do.

Is there a chance that the disc has been physically damaged or even just needs cleaned?

Hold the disc up to a light source and reflect it in the disc. When you hold it at the correct angle it’s very much easier to see any scratches etc.

If it’s specks of dirt or fingerprints it’s very easily cleaned off with either soap and water, or isopropyl alcohol, or methylated spirits on a lint free cloth.

Methylated spirits and isopropyl alcohol are weak solvents that evaporate quickly so don’t use any solvents as you could damage the polycarbonate of the disc.

Scratches can be repaired in different ways and you can either try CD repair fluid, which fills the scratches with polymer, or try various methods of polishing them out.

Video stores quite often have machines that can do this for you although video stores are a dying breed these days.