DVD backups stutter

When I backup DVDs, using clond dvd/any dvd/nero, each video stream stutters (doesn’t skip, fast moving video seems to stutter, but stationary video plays fine) but when I have started playing the video and skip back to the start again it plays fine, it only seems to happen when going from the start of a video or from a menu. Could cheap dvd-r media mhave something to do with it

Clone DVD

cheep media is likely your problem

i’d also update your programs to


as there well out of date

you may have to email slysoft.com to change a serial number to a reg key, if you don’t have a reg key already (your clonedvd may have to go through elby, not sure though).

what blank media are you using

can you also supply the MID. eg; TYG03
cd/dvd speed can do this (disc info tab) http://www.cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroCDSpeed_4700.zip


Will look into updating software, didn’t know there was updated versions till I started looking around on here

My theory before was to get the cheapest DVDs out there, but I guess that is not the case, I get so many coasters from videos and DVDs I burn, I also use WINAVI alot, stuff from there often skips and pauses, but is fine on comp

What does that MID mean?

which country are you from ?

UK - England

give the likes of these a try




Moorsey -

Your AML media is manufactured by Advanced Media Ltd Taiwan and is noted to be very poor DVD Media.

Suggest obtaining known proven high quality DVD Media. Locally purchased Verbatim (Made In Japan) Media meets this criteria.

Suggest visiting the CD Freak Blank Media Forum for information concerning known proven high quality DVD Media (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=33).

Perhaps the below Web Link will shed some information concerning Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code). ->


great, thanks for all the advice and links, I am going to order some of the silver vertabin linked above and keep my current dvds for burning data

thanks again

Is your ConeDVD from SlySoft or from the “imatation” Clone site?

its the proper version for sure