DVD backups on Panasonic LS5 or RP62

I’ve just gotten a Panasonic LS5 portable DVD player and would like to backup some movies for travel. Particularly I’m trying to backup some region 2 discs for use on the region 1 player. After some fumbling around, I successfully made a disc (Memorex DVD-R) using AnyDVD and DVDShrink on a TDK 440N. This plays fine on my two PC players and my wife’s IBook, as well as on the desktop JVC player (which is region free). The set top Panasonic RP62 says that the disk type is not valid (although the unit is supposed to read DVD-R) and the LS5 runs the disc and sounds fine, but the video looks like a bad VHS with the tracking way off. While I was typing this, I finished a TDK DVD+R with similar results. Any suggestions as to what might solve this for me?


Okay, I figured it out. The discs are PAL and I’m trying to play it on NTSC drives. There are a total of 9 DVD players in the house. The one I want to play these discs on is one of the only 2 that won’t play them. Go figure!

I’m not sure if multi-regioning the player will allow it to play PAL movies. I hope so, because I also bought one the other day.

No, it won’t. This player does not have a PAL decoder and there is no way to modify it to have one. The only way I found to hack the region was with a rented remote, which I didn’t bother doing since it wouldn’t solve the PAL problem.