DVD Backups of my TV Series

Hi apologies for my ignorance. My little lad (bless him) decided to use my DVD as a play mat at the weekend, destroying several of my favourites. Thankfully www.play.com kindly replaced them but it cost me a small fortune. The problem: I simply don’t want it to happen again so I’d like to make backup copies. Movies are not a problem as I have figured out the process but I’d like to make backup copies of my TV series (Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Black books etc) but not sure how to copy all the episodes including the menu system to a DVDR.

Please help. Does anyone have any info on this process? :iagree: :bow:

I suppose that you can use any of the popular DVD copy programs.

You can search for the keywords “dvd copy” here for more details

Also, here’s a tutorial site on making DVDs: http://www.dvdhelp.us/