Dvd backups of EA games / Sports Discs

hi there everyone, first posting so be gentle,lol.
I have made many 1:1 dvd-r backups of PS2 games but found the EA range of software is not giving me working backups ?. I have read you need to patch EA games etc when putting PS2 onto CDr
but no info on patches for putting onto DVd-r, anyone heard of similiar disappointments on these backups?.

Every backup I have tried works fine with Nero.

Including EA Games???, i hope so because it means I am at fault somewhere :slight_smile:

I have backed up the following EA DVD titles with Nero:

Madden 2003
NBA Live 2003
Tiger Woods 2002 & 2003
NHL 2003
Nascar Thunder 2003

All using Nero and my Pioneer A03.

It’s FIFA 2003 I am trying to do. I have recently changed the brand of discs from Datasafe Gen 3 to unbranded (Vivastars ), which are ok for movies & have been fine for other games. I had trouble with Nero & discs over 4Gb but now I have the new version & this bug is , supposedly, fixed so I will give it a go.


Thanx Fishingeek. I had too upgrade nero, must have been having trouble , compatibility wise, with the Vivastar but have just done LOR game , an EA game , with Nero.

Thanx for pointers.