DVD backups not playing on all DVD players

I’ve only been backing up (or attempting to) for a couple of months. I have some original DVD’s that I’ve copied. I’ve used DVD Encrypter (a little) and mostly I use DVD Shrink, I also have a copy of DVD 4 3 which is suppose to remove the copy restrictions. My DVD-RW is an 8x and writes to DVD+R and DVD-R. My problem is many times my copies will not work on my RCA DVD player but they all seem to work on my Samsung DVD player. I’ve also had a friend check them out on her computr and she cannot play them either. As and example using DVD Shrink to compress the DVD movie “Saw” nothing was deleted and it was copied with backup only not deep analysis. On my RCA player I got an Incompatible Disk message, but on the Samsung it plays fine. It also plays on my computer using the MS Media software.

I’d like to make copies that I can play on any DVD player device. Here is my set up if this helps.
Custom Built
Gigahertz / AMD Athalon MB (sound is built in)
1.2 GHZ proccesor
768 Mb ddr ram
128 All in Wonder Video card
Mach-8 (nec DVD-RW ND-2500A)
52X CD player

I’ll appreciate any help that is offered.


As far as software goes, shrink is going to do about as good of a job as anything. Some have noticed that using diffrent software can make a diffrence whether it plays or not but shrink is one of the beter ones. Thier are other issues that I would address befor going out and getting a bunch of other software.
Before I go further I’ll state that thier is no way to guarentee that a recorded disk will play on any player. Their are some players that will just not play recorded disks, some that will only play one format, some that will only read certain brands of disks etc. What you can do is maximise that chance that they will play on most players.
First and most important is media. you can disreguard the brand of the media as most media is not made by the company selling it. download this free program
It will read the media code off the disks you are using which identifies the true manufacture. From now on think in terms of media codes as far as what media you are using. Post the media codes and we can tell you how good they are. Read through the forums (particularlly the media forum and the bargain basment forum) to learn more about what media codes are good and how to get/identify them.
Here is a good source to find what media codes various brands use
Using good media is very important and brand name media might actually not be very good. The media code is what maters.
Second, find out exactlly what burner you have (like media, many burners are rebranded so you want to find out the true manufacture). See if it can bitset or do error scanning. If it can bitset (make a dvd+r identify itself as a dvd-rom) then bitset +r’s are going to be the most compatible disk to use. If it cannot bitset, -r media is going to be the most compatible. If your burner can do error scanning then you can find out how well your disks are burning (not just if they are burning good enough to play). A burn and or media that is marginal in quality might play on some players and not others, just because of the quality.
Please post the media codes off your disks (if they are from different packs, they may be diffrent, even if they are the same brand and speed).
Also post as much as you know about what drive you have (brand and model, info off the label on the drive etc.).

things to try - update the firmware for the dvd burner…if possible to a hacked RPC-1 firmware that also allows bitsetting dvds to dvd-rom. use dvd-r media

a majority of the issues of running backup dvd’s is the media, try using quality media like FujiFilm which uses ty yuden media which is the probably best media out. Also some drives like dvd-r better than dvd+r which is the newer format, see which one works better on your dvd player and stick with that formant and brand.

anyone wana bet it is a bitsetting issue?

I think thier is a pretty good chance. Luckilly drive manufactures are starting to bitselt as the default. It will make it a lot easier on noobs when they all do.

This thread was what lead me this forum through Google. I am here for the same problem. ripit, your responce is very interesting and educational. I just build a computer a month or so ago. I included an AOpen DVD burner. The DVDs that I am using are Sony DVD+R which were like $35 for a package of 75 blanks at Sam’s Club. I downloaded the DVD idenifier and went to the other web site you linked. There were not many good comment about this disk. The have been great for data back up and play movies well on every computer except the laptop which doesn’t recongize the disk.

All I have is the box my burner came in. How can I find out if it will bit set and if so, how do I change the way it sees DVDs?


My experience on my old NEC 2500 was that it seemed to burn better backups on 8x -R medias from Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell-

Discs played on any standalone I ever tried-


I just went to Office Depot and bought a 25-pack of Maxell DVD-R for 9.95 (on sale) and they work great. I am still interesting in how to bitset my drive so the DVD+R will work if they are a better disk. Is it a software program that is use to do this with or what?

I wait and see if the response is posted here since this thread is already started. If not I’ll start a new thread when I have time. Thanks.


I really did not have very good luck with the +R media nad the 2500-

I would stick to the -R if it is doing a good job for you (your money - spend it or lose it)-


I am assuming that your aopen is a 1608/app (if it is not, please post what it is). I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that your drive can bitset (and should automatically bitset out of the box) and it supports error reporting so you can use cd speed (a free program) and test your disk to see exactlly how good they burn. The bad news is that this drive has poor media support (though I have been leed to believe it is improving). I would update to the newest firmware to get the best compatibility. I actually had this drive for a few days a while back and returned it because of the media support (and got an nec3500). I actually just bought one today though (I wasn’t woried about the media support as I have two other burners). This does not mean that you cannot use your drive and need to rush out and buy another one. It just means that you have to be selective with what media you use. Based on my limited experience and what limited info I have read on this drive, I think that it is capable of exceptional performance with the right media, but the right media is limited. This is refering to dvd. It is suposed to be an exceptional cd burner. The few burns I did last time I had one were exceptional.
Here is a review on it. On the second page thier is info on how to make sure it is actually bitsetting using cdspeed.
Thier is lots of other information in the review including some info on how various dvd disks burned.
Here is the manufactures page for this drive. In the top left corner are some links for firmware updates and the utility to flash the firmware. Thier is also a link “media coverage”. If you click it it will download a pdf that shows what media codes it supports. It may not burn all well though. This list seems to have not changed since the drive came out but they have updated the firmware a few times claiming beter media support so perhaps it will burn media not on this list.
Use cdspeed to see if it is bitsetting (it tells you how in the review). I would also strongly recomend doing the cdspeed disk quality test and transfer rate test because of the limited media support. It will tell you what medias are working well.
Here is info on how to use cdspeed
Here is some more info on the drive. near the top is some info on what media worked well with this drive.
Unfortunatlly thier doesn’t seem to be a lot of users of this drive to get a concensus of what medias work best, as what medias work best can vary from drive to drive of the same model. I have several medias to try though, and will be burning some over the next few days if instalation goes well. I would be happy to recomend some media that should be easy to find after I have had a chance to use it if you like.
Hope that helps some.