DVD Backups Jump

Everyone of my DVD backups so far play with excellent quality but will suddenly show a hesitation on the screen and then will jump back to the start of the movie. Can do a scene search and get back to the same spot and can get it to move on when it hesitates with the forward button. May not happen again until closer to the end of the movie then it will do the same thing but not jump to start but to some earlier scene. I use DVD Decrypter and Shrink and do the copy with DVD Decrypter. No errors in the rip or copy phase. I have used the copies on my older Sony and a newer cheap palyer with the same results. Anyone have any ideas what I can do to get a continuos playback? Is there a setting I am missing in DVD Decrypter or Shrink?

Use better media

Agreed, it sounds like you’re using media of lesser quality. Which are you using?