Dvd backup

my friend got a learn guitar dvd thingy with her guitar and she does not have a dvd player. I was wondering what am i aloud to do with this dvd. Can i legally tape it onto a vhs tape? Or could i change it to divx and copy it onto a cd and give them both back to her? Also, is it possible to change a 3 hour and 10 minutes movie to fit onto one cd-r in divx. It doesnt have to be high quality.

You can reform the dvd in divx or put it on a cdr for your girlfriend as long [b]you[/] don’t keep a copy of the dvd foryourself.
Your gf posseses the original, so i don’t c any problem. And it should be possible to put such along movie on one cdr. But then you would have very bad quality IMO