Dvd backup

have problem making backup of the longest yard using dvd fab

Hi micbry,

In order to help you, we need specific info re: your problem(s), otherwise we spend our time guessing and wasting everyone’s time (including yours). Don’t get me wrong, we’ll be glad to help. Here’s some of the stuff we may need to know…post back with what you think is pertinent:

What movie(s) are you having problems with?..chances are someone here has backed-up the movie that you had difficulty with…
What version(s) are you using?
Express or Gold or have you tried both?..similar errors?
Main Movie only, or Complete Disc?
What blank media are you using and have you tried an rw disc?
How fast are you burning?
What burner are you using and is your firmware up to date?
Have you had success burning dvds with other software?
What is your operating system?
Free space on hard drive?
Defragmented your hard drive?
Are unnecessary applications closed down when reading/burning dvds?
Is DMA enabled on your burner (IDE controller)?
Is “Enable Dual Layer Burning” unchecked, (unless, of course, you’re burning to DLs)?

Tom, I think we meaning the regular users that have been around awhile need to start a check list thread to refer people to when they have problems and when they do not know how to check something like DMA etc. we cant post a link to a section on CDFreaks that explains these terms. Then we could possibly get a mod to make it a sticky. I think instructions on sending files to fengtao and VSO should also be ib a sticky.


Totally agree Mack. I know that we tried to get a few threads pinned on the old forum but with the hacks, crashes, etc., it just didn’t happen. If Fengtao or the mods don’t pick this up, I’ll pm the mods. I know that you, larry, myself and other members like dmp31 (sorry, don’t mean to volunteer you without asking) will be happy to get some of this stuff organized.

Here’s hoping…


Tom, I have never seen any of those you mentioned not help anyone. This thread is several pages now and since questions keep being repeated it would be nice to have a help section, but then I have seen so many people that did not know there was a Gold tutorial on the order page.