DVD Backup Will Not Play

Hello All,

I have recently purchased the Walt Disney movie Eight Below. I attempted to use AnyDVD ver to make a backup copy. I used Intervideo DVD Copy 2 as my burning program. Once the backup was complete, it would not play on my DVD player. If I used the chapter menu on the DVD player, I could get it to start from chapter one. None of the previews or credits are shown. Did I do something wrong here or is the problem with the DVD?

If you haven’t already done so, enable ‘Jump Directly to Main Movie’ in the AnyDVD settings panel…

Hi RS2,

I tried what you have suggested and that part works. As soon as the DVD starts it jumps to the DVD menu. As soon as I hit “Play Movie” the playback stops. Would you have any other suggestions?

Have you used the same media with other movies and the same player and they worked? If not, then what kind of media are you using (as identified by dvd identifier) and what model burner do you have?

Walt Disney movie Eight Below
I processed this movie using ripit4me & fixvts. Shink & DVDD.


All functions work great for me on my dvd player.

regards, katz :slight_smile: