DVD backup to CD. DVD Decrypter only or DVD Shrink too?

This is my first attempt to backup a DVD, and sorry if my questions are too trivial.
The issue is: DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. I would like to know if DVD Shrink can used as a DVD —> CD backing-up tool to put the VOBs in a specified directory, so I can use DVD2AVI and TMPGenc Plus to extract from the VOB for a (S)VCD for VCDs.
Alas, Smartripper is no more being updated and it’s unable to rip the new DVDs, so I’m trying do find a good ripper (well, if upgrades on Smatripper have been done, please tell me, but I’m quite confidenf they haven’t been done). My choice is going towards DVD Decrypter, bt I’m questioning about the use of DVD Shrink. Will the ‘shrinking’ added by DVD Shrink prevent me from loading the VOB with TMPGenc + DVD2AVI? Or will TMPGenc + DVD2AVI be able to convert to VCD any properly ripped set of VOB?

Well, I had to try by myself. The answer is: once you ripped the VOBs, you can do anything. DVD Shrink is less updated than DVD Decrypter, so you should move to DVD Decrypter. And, since you convert the set of VOBs into a MPEG with TMPGenc + DVD2AVI, the ripped VOB set is only temporary and no shrink is needed (it would only be a loss in quality).

use DVD2SVCD to make Vcd’s or Svcd’s…It produce the best quality and is an all in one program.Very easy to use too…
If you want to do a more difficult way that maybe produce better quality you should head over to Kvcd.net and take a look at the guides there…You can get a good looking rip onto a single 700mb cd…