DVD Backup Software Reviews

So I have some limited experience with 1Click (pro and standard), Videovault, X Copy (not the original), and CloneDVD. 1Click pro seemed a little cumberson, 1Click standard failed on a couple of burns, Videovault failed on a couple of burns, X Copy worked pretty well and had decent playback but I couldn’t stand the opening screen advertisement and then finally, CloneDVD which is okay but I’ve noted some playback issues so… Where’s all the honest reviews on the net? I don’t have a lot of experience with shrink and IMGburn but will try those next.

So what do you seasoned pros use? Software that handles CSS, has good compression albeit great playback, allows menu handling and so forth. For me, it’s the css in it’s many flavors, good compression and playback that are important. I used one package too for example that appeared to burn wide screen to wider screen (which I happened to like) and another that stretched widescreen into full screen which looked kind of weird but my daughter said she thought it was cool and liked it just because she doesn’t like wide screen.

Weigh in here anyone, perhaps we’ll get our own brand of reviews going. I wondered too about Alcohol 120 - anyone know much about that one? TIA

All the information you need can be found by doing a little searching on this site. The softwares you are talking about are crap…

So what do YOU personally recommend and what have your own experiences been, H2R ?

CloneDVD with AnyDVD (from the slysoft web site only), Alcohol 120, IMGBURN, DVDCRYPTER, DVDSHRINK, DVDFABDECRYPTER and NERO all provide good results for specific uses.