DVD Backup recoded get Freeze playing


I’ve used Nero Recode to backup DVD movies from 9DVDs to 5DVDs since the first release.

The problem appears in latest versions. I don´t know the exactly version.

I get the dvd recoded with no problem. The problem arrives when I try to see the film. Either in the computer DVD or the DVD player. I can go trough all menus and select every option, just when I try to see the movie it freezes. I can see the movie stopping the DVD, no turning it off, and pressing DVD player ‘play button’.

What media are you usin?
This could happen, if you’re use media of lower quality!

Is not a media problem. I create an image in the HD and map it with Alcohol 120% virtual drive unit and it has the same behaviour.
The Recode2 version I’m using is:
I also use different drivers to read the original DVD.