DVD backup question

Having issues with DVD shrink erroring out. I stared using Roxio after Using DVD Decrypter and its been working and working much faster. Is there anything negative to using Roxio? I have another friend having the same issue with DVD Shrink.


Without knowing what kind of errror it is no one can speculate.
It is possible that DVD Shrink might not be able to handle the type of protection on the disc.
DVD Shrink is rather old and some of these movies have newer protection.

you might want to reconsider the situation.Uninstall roxio as it has a problem with most other burning and or encoding applications.Install nero as it goes hand in hand with shrink/decrypter and most other windows based proggyies.If this works good, and if it doesnt at least you can knock this suggestion on the head as one you have tried.

What happens with DVD Shrink? Does it launch ok and then error when you try to analyze a disc? Or does it crash when you try to burn a disc with the Nero interface? give us more information and we may be able to help you. I have been using DVD Shrink for some time and I can’t remember it ever crashing. A screen capture may help out.

You could also use DVDFAB express or other software that would compress your disc. I am using DVDFAB and have not had any problems with it. Others are using Anydvd and Clone DVD which I have heard good things about.

Why is then that I’ve had Roxio installed on my systems for years , along with Nero, Copy2DVD, Blindwrite etc etc & never experienced any problems whatsoever. I regularly use DVD Shrink & it works fine.