Dvd backup program with vista?

Im having a new system with vista installed and i would like to know if there’s any good dvd copier/backup program available that will work with vista ?


Petty much all of them have Vista support at this point. DVD Shrink, Recode, AnyDVD, CloneDVD, CloneDVD Mobile, DVD Fab, etc, etc all work in Vista without issues. I personally use the Slysoft products for most of my backup needs but I do use Recode for compression on SL backups.

thanks , what is the newest version of dvd shrink ?

The one from about 20 years ago. :smiley: It hasn’t been updated in many years and is never likely to be updated. Then again, a lot of people would argue it doesn’t need to be so long as you decrypt your discs with something else. :slight_smile:

So dvd shrink 3.2 will work with vista ?

I saw on this site : http://dvdshrink-download-now.com/index.asp?revid=killerboy&glid=none&ovid=none&sub=dvdshrink-dln_com&kbid=1390

and it seem to be dvd shrink 2007 but it’s not free ,is it worth it ?

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. DO NOT get that!!!


Yes, 3.2 works with Vista.

RipIt4Me, Dvd Decrypter, Dvd Shrink & ImgBurn all work in Vista. I agree with the post above, Dvd Shrink has always been free.

Here is a list of decent apps to use all with some sort of free trial or are free.


DVD Shrink that SamuriHL linked for you



one click dvd copy


Clonedvd 21 day trial.


DVD Fab Plat. or gold 30 day trial




All the above will need a decrypter and there is 2 good choices each with their different capabilities.

Anydvd ( the best ) 21 day trial


dvd fab decrypter Free but a two step process.


I hope I didn’t leave any of the top ones out.

EDIT : I forgot to mention that dvd fab plat or gold has it’s own built in ripper too.

Nice list. :slight_smile:

Besides dvd shrink all are 64 bit compatible as well if I remember right. I haven’t officially tried dvd fab products on my system to be honest, been swamped with allot of other stuff that’s more important lately.

I was about to ask the same question re Vista compatibility. Great list Dr Who, but I do not see DVDStyler mentioned - how is this with Vista? or do you prefer something else?


Sorry to be honest I have never heard of this. I’ll look for it today and give it a go if I can.

Not bad but I am not into heavy authoring like that and didn’t see it state it was Vista 64 bit compatible. It does look like those that are heavily into autoring this would be a nice tool.


I have officially test the very last version of dvd shrink that was out before the demise of I can no longer find the version to automatically call up imgburn. I will get with the moderators here and ensure I can upload it to an upload site if there is anyone that wants it, unfortunately if they say no don’t I must comply to their wishes, If they say no do not PM me and ask for it there or say send it to my email address, the mods and admins here say no and no means no way shape or form. I just thought that all the shrink users would love to here dvd shrink will run on a 64 bit platform with no issues.

I can no longer find the version to automatically call up imgburn

If you are wondering if this version will work with Vista, the answer is yes.

That is what I said and it works with the 64 bit vista on top of that there was no question on the 32 bit as it is still a 32 bit platform like XP. So the question was will it in the 64 bit of vista and yes it does work.

I misunderstood, sorry.

No big deal, I just now had the time to test it for the users here and awaiting on a PM reply to see if I can put up the link to allow users to enjoy it.

For now I was told this was legal so here is the link to use dvd shrink and after that is done you need imgburn installed as dvd shrink isn’t a burner.