DVD Backup Process

Can anyone give me a list (in order) of the process to back-up DVD’s? I have been given so many different ways, and tried them all, but I ALWAYS have a burn failure. (And I’m getting quite pissed off with NERO)

The most logical (and easy way) I have found is to use SmartRipper in FILE mode, then use IFO Edit to create the IFO files. Then I use DVD Shrink to make it fit on a DVD-5. I then use Nero 6 Burning ROM and consistently have burn failures.

Can anyone PLEASE give me the CORRECT process to which DVD9’s can be back-up’ed to DVD5’s?

Any other DVD recording software that’s better? Maybe I should just go out and buy DVD Xcopy Express (Gold).:confused:

you might wanna look at these website first


they have some guides etc…perhaps they can help you chose what you want

and of course the tutorial on this forum


all you need is DVDShrink v3-beta and Nero. simple and excellent results. Look at the Shrink tutorials here and at http://www.dvdshrink.info/guides.php

I have DVD Shrink and NERO 6, but I keep getting burn failures using Nero6. I have a Plextor 708A and used the Nero DVD Burning tutorial to adjust the settings. (i.e. No Multisession, ISO level 2 and ISO 9660, Joliet unchecked, UDF set to 1.02 so it works with most standalone DVD players, etc.) Even when I go to burn at 1x using Nero it fails due to buffer underrun errors. Do you know how to turn on “burn proof” in Nero6? I’d hate to waste another DVD-R.

Look here

fails due to buffer underrun errors

Your problem is hardware related, not software. As for Burnproof, the selection may be under the drive properties in Nero, or there may be a check box in the final burn dialog.
But the probelm is the buffer under-run itself, which should not be occurring. Make sure you have DMA status showing on all drives.

I would suggest using Nero (demo from www.nero.com) in preference to any Nero v6. Version 5.5.10.x workes EVERY time, while ver 6.0.x works only when there is a full moon :smiley:

Duh…I didn’t have DMA enabled!! I went into my BIOS on startup and changed the setting from “disable” to “auto” for UDMA in the Peripherals section under IDE.

I was able to burn the DVD without incident. Thanks so much for everyone’s help. :bigsmile: