DVD Backup Process



Which do you process do you prefer?


I hope the monitors pull this thread and poll. DVD2One & DVDShrink, DVDShrink alone or Other? You’re in the DVD2One forum, dammit! DVD2One alone shouldn’t be relegated to the category of Other in its own forum.
Seems like you have an agenda and its not about promoting DVD2One. Go back to the DVDShrink forum and play with your buddies there instead.


All I wanted was pole to see what method most people are using so I can get the best backup possible. And this is a DVD2One forum, isn’t it? I’m not here to promote anything. DVD2One can only accomplish a part of what DVDShrink can do, so I listed DVDShrink alone. Is that promoting DVDShrink? Sheesh, I could careless about promoting any product at this point when i’m in the process of seeing what the method methid may be…

Thank goodness your not a moderator at any sites. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing. Just keep quiet. Sheesh! This is what I get for asking for advice?


I think NDC’s poll is extremely valid. Just as DVD2one is useful for compressing home-authored DVD’s, it is just as useful for re-authoring your movie collection via DVD shrink. I use DVD shrink all the time. You can strip out all the crap you don’t want and arrange everything so it plays in the order you want without ever having to touch the remote on your dvd player.



How can you use them both?


First off, the moderator who moved this topic out of the DVD2one forum did so unfairly. DVD shrink when used in combination with DVD2one makes DVD2one an even more attractive product.

zhokov asked >> “How can you use them both?”

Answer: It really helps with large DVD’s with extras that you don’t want but you want to choose what you want to keep. First run the DVD thru DVD shrink. Go into Re-author mode and use the preview window to decide what stays, what goes and in which order. Back it up to your hdd using No Compression. Then run it thru DVD2one as you normally would. You won’t get menus. The disk will play sequentially and all chapter points will be intact. Very simple. Especially useful for those DVD’s that require you to grip the remote and manually select every deleted scene when there is no “play all” option.

But that’s just me.



AnyDVD with DVD2one and CopyToDVD. Quick and reliable.