Dvd backup problem

i’m trying to backup dvds with doitfast4u, cce, reauthorist, the doom9 guide etc…

when it gets to using vobsub the computer just freezes up and there is a lot of hard disk activity but nothing happens.

i leave the computer and come back a few hours later and it hasnt gone anywhere.

anyone know why it would be freezing up at that point?

a series of questions: have you ever successfully been able to back up a dvd using the Big 3 method before? does this freezing happen all the time? have you tried multiple dvds?

i’ve never had problems using the Big 3 method for backing up my dvds, but you can try using DVD-Rebuilder if you continue to have problems and still wish to use CCE.

nope, my first time, i tried it on another movie and the same thing

i posted on another forum and they said there was a memory leak and to get a previous version?

now i’m not sure which program installs vobsub, is it doitfast4u?

edit, just checked, it does come with doitfast4u, i have version, should i get the one before that?

i’d suggest simply trying dvd-rb and see if you have any problems then.

I had this problem once. not using that program thou.
What happened with me was i had a bad blank disk. I was using the one that came with my burner, it would start burning then a few minutes in it would freeze up for hours on end.

frubsen’s problem occurs before he tries to burn the disc.

i got it fixed thanks

just downloaded the newest version of dif4u 1.4.7

now i’m having another problem

for you scenarist experts out there, i’m getting this error when importing the .scp file.

Info Validateing Video (VTS01\VTS__01_P01.16~9_1)
Warning This Video [ C:\DOCUME~1\Derek\Desktop\hp1\VTS01\VTS__01_P01.16~9_1.MPV.M2V ] has different duration.
Info Validateing Video (VTS01\VTS__01_P02.16~9_1.)
Info Validateing Video (VTS01\VTS__01_P03.16~9_1.)
Info Validateing Video (VTS01\VTS__01_P04-NO-CCE.)
Warning This Video [ C:\DOCUME~1\Derek\Desktop\hp1\VTS01\VTS__01_P04-NO-CCE.16~9_1.M2V ] has different duration.
Error The scene ( VTS_01_PGC_04, VTS01_vobid07_cellid02 ) timecode ( 00:00:00:29 ) is bigger than video duration.
Warning C:\DOCUME~1\Derek\Desktop\hp1\VTS01\VTS__0
Warning : Number of SequenceEndCode is 2.

Error Importing failed

it worked for another movie, but this harry potter 1 isnt/

any ideas?