DVD Backup problem (book type?)

So…admittedly I’m new to this but I think I’ve done a decent amount of reading up.

I tried to backup a DVD I have by ripping w/ DVDDecrypter & shrinking/burning (to a DVD+R) through DVD Shrink 3.2. Process went fine, DVD plays perfectly in my computer. In my DVD player the DVD begins to play (ie: the initial pre-menu video clip plays) but then stops without ever showing the menu. The player is a panasonic DVD A120, and from what I’ve found it doesn’t require that I set the booktype to DVD-ROM to play DVD+R. (that is from checking the listing here. Has anyone had this problem? Is this a manifestation of a book type issue or did I botch the menu somehow?

Edit: I should add I’m using a Plextor 712A

Panasonic is part of the DVD Forum (-R/-RW camp) so it kind of makes sense that it wouldn’t support +R without the booktype/bitsetting option being adjusted. With that said, the media you are using can certainly make a difference. Which discs are you using and if you are using name brand, who really makes them (most name brand labels outsource to other companies to manufacture thier discs for them).

So, used the last half hour to try to get some more info for you folks. The disks are Ridata 4x DVD+R, comes up as RICOHJPNR01 in DVDInfoPro. I have been under the impression these are good disks? I did burn them at 8x, and just did a P0/P1 test with PlexTools on the burn and I can only say it was pretty abysmal. I stopped it halfway through, no PIF but max PIE > 1000. If there were too many errors on the disk, is it likely that my Plextor would be able to read it anyway, while my set-top Panasonic would just crap out on me?.. I think I should re-burn at 4x and see if that helps.

I’m curious about the book type mostly because I was under the impression that if it were a book type problem the disk would simply not be recognized, not start playing and then stop. Any more thoughts?

I have browsed a number of forums, and never come across any information/instance/claim that bitsetting +R to DVD-ROM would/could result in a less compatible disc than leaving it set to +R.

I should note, though, that I am not an expert. In fact, I have yet to even try burning a dvd-video. As a side note, you, may want to look at the Plextor Sub-forum in the hardware recorder section. There are a number of people there who have had problems with the 712A. (and especially when overspeeding or recording at +8x speeds)

Good Luck

In fact, the only media I can record at 8x with and get good results (with my 712A) is Taiyo Yuden 8x +R (MID T02). I could not even write ricohjpnr01 (maxell brand 4x +r jewel case) at 6x. (PIE > 600 & PIF & POF!!!)

OK, it must have been the high PIE. Reburned it at 4x, same RICOHJPNR01 media, this burn: max PIE = 16, average = 0.19. Plays perfectly in my Panasonic, without setting the book type. Here’s the scan, sorry about the quality: