DVD Backup only plays on one audio channel

I put this in the newbie forum since it seemed to be the most general area and my situation covers a few different spots.

Hardware: Liteon 812s running 851s - GSOF for bitsetting capability

I did a backup of my DVD using AnyDVD and DVDShrink using the reauthoring method. After burning the created ISO file with NERO it plays no audio on my PC and only plays one channel on my TV (right channel if that matters) but all in all it plays the video flawlessly. I did disable the spanish and french 2ch selections on the first screen but left all English selections untouched (enabled). I performed the process twice to make sure I wasn’t crazy and alas both are identical. This is the first time I’ve had this problem, just curious if anyone has seen this before.



UPDATE and sorry!

Ok, it seems that only the 5.1 part is working and my TV had surround off, with surround on it plays the audio fine (yep I feel sorta stupid).

I’m still curious why it didn’t just play out of both speakers as it would with any other movie with surround off, just sounding different.

The severity of my issue has lowered, not a showstopper anymore, but still an intense curiosity

Thanks again

Hmmm, ( :confused: scratch head, bite nails and plod around the room for a bit… :confused: ) That should not happen really…unless…

On the origional DVD, does all the speech come from the right speaker? if so then it might be taking the left side audio from another language and the english soundtrack as a “Add on” on the right speaker.

I suppose the only way to find out is to re-master the DVD, leave one of the other languages on, and try again (use a virtual drive on your PC to save blank discs).

Otherwise I’m stuck.