DVD-Backup on Mac?

A friend of mine just bought a new iMac, eMac, G4, or whatever that has the new superdrive on it (dvd-r/cd-rw). Anyway, he asked me if I could find software to backup dvds that works with the MacOS. Not knowing myself, I thought one or more of you may.

Thanks in advance!

The best software to make a perfect backup of a dvd is DVD-Backup for Mac OS X.

The superdrive can only burn to DVD-5…that means DVD which can support (only) 4,3Go (4,7Gb). Most DVDs are more than 4,3Go so they will require some reencoding in a lesser quality to fit on a 4,3 Go dvd. This is called the DVD-9 to DVD-5 technique.

There are a few softwares that can do this:
Minx transcoder


ffmpegX (the most complete application, but a little difficult to use at first)

For a practical guide doing DVD-9 to DVD-5 check here:

For more information for DVD on the mac check the following forums:

Hope this helps and welcome to the mac/unix plateform !

Polopo :slight_smile: