DVD backup is fuzzy



When viewing the backup with any fast action scenes, it gets fuzzy and then seems to fade a tiny bit then gets clear once the fast movement stopped.

An example would be “That 70’s Show” when they are smoking dope and it pans from one character to another…during the transistion it would get blurred and out of focus. Once it stops on the actor, it gets clear…like someone adjusting the focus on a camera.

BTW, I can only fit with DVD Shrink at about 67%.


You’re using a transcoder, losing 33% of the original information, and wonder why the MPEG quality is bad?!


When using DVD Shrink and larger amounts of compression, use Deep Analysis and the AEC settings. Try using Sharp for less compression and Smooth or Maximum Smooth for heavier compression. Note that it will take longer to use these features, Maximum Smooth taking the longest, but it will help the quality.


What you describe is not a media issue, but as others mention, a [I]compression[/I] issue.

Media-related problems in the video playback are skips, freezes and macro-blocks appearing before/during freezes.
[I]The quality of the video signal has nothing to do with the media[/I]. :wink:

In my book, 67% is heavy compression with Shrink. I tend to avoid anything under 75%, but that’s just my standards.

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It isn’t always as simple as that. It is the average bitrate that makes a backup look good or bad. For instance, if the average bitrate is 8MB/s then even at 50% compression it will look great. However, if the bitrate was 6MB/s then 50% compression it will look a lot poorer and probably show signs of pixelation.


Just split it to 2 discs or using a DL disc.


Of course. Just that as I’m not very knowledgable in this area, and that I want to spend more time in viewing movies than in trying to figure out such things for each and every backup, I prefer to take the easy way. :wink:

Just as[B] rapid fire[/B] mentions, I prefer to have two discs with low compression than a single disc with high compression, not only for the sake of video quality, but above all for the sake of my time! LOL