DVD backup hesitates and jumps back

I did a search and got a lot of must be the media but still not sure the skip and freeze is what mine is doing. The B/U quality was excellent but about 1/3 into the playback there was a hesitation and then the DVD restarted at the first of the movie. Played right though that spot the next time with just a little hesitation. Then got the same thing a couple more times later in the movie, even one during the credits. Always restarted at an earlier scene/Chapter and never jumped forward.

Using RiData +R that says compatible up to 16x. Think the movies were copied at about 4 to 6 as I recall the summary. Used DVD Decrypter and DVD
Shrink with no problems or error messages.

I was using a standalone Sony DVD player that has never had any problems with any original DVD.

I am new to this and wondered if I am doing something wrong or need to set something differently to get a flawless backup. Any help appreciated.

Sony DVD Players are picky with media. Known issue. Please, try to change the medium (good brand DVD-R) and burn also at a low speed (4x). Let’s see what happens.