DVD Backup Help

I have a few dvds I am attempting to back up, and they are slightly scracthed. I been using Nero 7 to attempt to do a copy. The dvds are of home made movies so they have no copywrite protection. Nero will read the scracted dvd till it is about 80 percent done then it rejects it and says it is unreadable. Sorry I don’t have the log. My main question is are there any programs that can read scracthed dvds for a read and then get them ready to be copied. :sad: Please help.

You could give ISOBuster or ISO Puzzle a go :slight_smile:

Or, find someone you know who owns a newer Samsung or a LiteOn drive, one of those may be able to read the discs. :slight_smile:

Do a Transfer Rate test with Nero CD DVD Speed. The disc could be degraded at the end and not readable. Like [B]Arachne[/B] said, a newer Samsung or Liteon drive may be able to read it.

You can get a DVD cleaning machine at BB for around $20 that will take out the scratches or else you can use Brasso but don’t clean in circles, clean straight out from inside out :bigsmile:

Puzzles me, never heard of that one before.

Thanks Arachne! :flower:

LOL! You’re welcome, chef :flower:

Thanks guys I was able to recover one cd with iso buster. It had some problems with part of the dvd, but I was able to fill the bad sectors in with one function.