DVD backup "glitch"

I have tried to backup Man On Fire, using AnyDVD/CloneDVD2, and then DVD Shrink/Nero. I get a copy both ways, but there are scenes where the audio does not match the actors lips, and several scenes stall, and/or skip ahead. So I am real close to a good burn, I have had this before,but not as bad, this happens in more than one DVD player. Does this sound like “dime-store” quality media, or a hardware-software issue ? I got a spool of Memorex DVDS that was not so expensive. I also have some supposedly better Sony media, but don’t want to ruin them if it is a hardware-software-configutation booger. In the past I had good luck with Fuji media, but could not find any at the store.

Does it play properly on your computer?

Well now, this is either getting interesting, or weird,yes, it seems to play ok, on my computer LiteOn DVD drive, using Windows Media Player or Power DVD. But as mentioned, it jumps and skips on my SamSung DVD player, I just got a new Toshiba DVD/VHS player, will that do the same ???, if this is a player problem, that is a tough thing to work around, yes ?

Yes, Toshiba might do the same.

My advice would be to use a good media (Taiyo Yuden, RICOH, etc.), burn at a lower speed (you can select it in CloneDVD2, don’t set it to “maximum” speed!).
I am sure the backup will play flawlessly. :iagree:

Thanks guys for all the advice, now, weird time Part 2, I hooked up my new Toshiba DVD/VCR combo unit, and it sure seems like the burned DVD [using DVD Shrink/Nero Ver. 6 something ] plays ok, I may try a CloneDVD burn, that is a little easier to do, not so many steps.,

so, is my stand alone Samsung dirty, or wore out ??? Maybe DVD players only have a couple year life span ,

It is still a media issue. Some players are better than others with what they read. Memorex DVDR IMHO are worthless (unless they happen to be made by Ricoh). 10:1 those Fujis you had were made by Taiyo Yuden (if they were made in Japan then they almost certainly were Taiyo Yuden).

Yes, the Memorex were pretty cheap, but they kinda’ sorta’ worked, I intended to use them for data more than DVD backups. I did a search for the Taiyo Yudens, there are several different ones, anywhere from $.48 to $.98 each. I read here at CD Freaks, that some media like Memorex, is sometimes not really Memorex, sort’ like they farmed out the manufacturing to a cheaper vendor. Also, from the Freaks sight, I learned that FUJI got high marks for quality. Is Fuji still on top, or have they gone low ball ? I am never one to think the media that costs the most is always the best, but, I usually never go for the chaepest either. Maybe more expensive Memorex media is good too. I got a 10-Pack of Sony media DMR47L2, to try.

I also seem to favor -R media, but is the +R -R not an important issue anymore, my DVD player would play them both, but I still tend to favor -R media. Has anyone here at Freaks done a who’s-who’s list of good media, that is always good quality, or if a new brand comes around, what do you read on the package to determine it’s quality?