DVD backup Freezes - DVDFAB Platinum

Disk 1 backups fine then disk 2 freeze after 5 or 6 percent is complete. If I reboot my computer between backup no issues. I have 2 DVD drives samething happens on both drives one is a HP 300n the other is a HP 740e USB. Windows XP Media Center 2005 SP2 2.5 Gigs ram


Hi CJ. Does this happen on only one disc or several? What version number of DVDFab are you using? Your fellow users will try to help but we need a little more information. Any error codes at all?
/EDIT/Just saw you are using Which copy mode–is this a Split?

Hi cjbike and welcome to the forum. What kind of blank media are you using ? Also, is it freezing at 5 or 6 per. during the read or write process. When was the last time you did a disk defragmentation? If the info is bottlenecking during the read, it could need the defrag. Good Luck. ~ Mike

Hi -
I’m actually backing up the my hard drive (Full Disc). and as DVDFAB copies from the DVD to the MB/s gets slower and slower until the point that it freezes. After I reboot my computer it copies to the hard drive perfectly, but if a put in a second DVD to copy without reboot the issue returns. The Hard drive is less then a week old. Sorry I wasn’t more clear on my first posting.



Do you have any kind of app. to monitor your heat -temps of your Mobo or of the CPU ? If not, you might try Motherboard Monitor. You might be having a heat issue when you do 2 dvd’s back to back. How old is the burner ? Is it new also ? ~ Mike
Also for grins and giggles, try clicking the reset DMA in common settings

I would suspect the HD need defrag. Also are you setting the target as HD folder. If rebooting clears the problem, there is something being in the cache causing a problem.

Try a complete uninstall and reinstall it. I remember somone had this problem a month or 2 ago and this solved it for them.

I did an uninstall - reboot - install reboot same issue. But on a lark I did an unistall reboot - and I put on the the last version (v3.0.8.0) that I used before I upgraded to v3.1.4.0. Problem went away with v3.0.8.0 so I guess I’ll continue the v3.0.8.0 for while. Unless there are other suggestions. Yes HD is the target and I Defrag once a week with diskperfect V8.0.

There was a thread similar where the person did the complete uninstall etc with bad results. This person uninstalled Fab, then deleted the old Fab and then when installed it worked fine. These folders contain old config setup files. If you do not want to delete folders, just rename them.

im glad you resolved your issue.

stormjumper has two good guides on how to do a clean uninstall on xp and vista.

edit/ as i have stated in other post: there maybe a season (or episodic) disc problem with dvdfab?

Hi cjbike
If you are having trouble upgrading to the newest version and you have un-installed and re-installed a few times you may have many entries for DVDFab in the PREFETCH folder, down below in my signature you will find info on how to do a “Clean uninstall of DVDFab” not sure which operating system you are running but there is info for both XP and Vista :smiley: