DVD backing up woes




Ok, I’m sure that I’m not alone here amongst the n00b population that has some sort of DVD copying woes, and well this is mine.

I just purchased a Plextor 712A burner, and bought a 50pk of Philips +Rs to go with it from Tiger Direct. Up until now I was dumb enough to burn DVDs at full throttle, that is choose 8x on Nero 6 when burning on a +R that says 4X on it. Obviously though not so to me until now, the skipping problem was apparent and very severe for a stupid reason.

I have tried burning at 4X on the same Philips +Rs. Here’s where the problem becomes interesting.

If the DVD movie does not surpass 2 hours in length, and so far on three different tries, the movie will play fine. Sometimes there might be an insignificant hesitation on the DVD player toward the end, but it’s viewable for the most.

Right now I’m trying to burn a movie that’s about 2:20 in length on a TDK -R 4X disc. I’m not sure what to expect, but I don’t suspect that the occassional, if not more frequent skipping toward the end will cease.

What can I do to get rid of this symptom? I’ve burned many coasters at this point trying to figure it out, and I’m up in arms on what to do at this point. Your help is greatly appreciated.



cause can be the burner, the standalone dvd player, the media, or a mix of all 3.
1st ? - the skipping dvds, do they skip on both the standalone dvd player AND the dvd unit in your PC ?


you need to Shrink or reencod anything longer the 2 hours,unless you are useing a prg. that recoreds at a lower qualty.What are you trying to copy?and what prg. are you using,also if the dvd is rated at 4 then you can not burn it at 8 with out “helped” frimwere