DVD Background Image on Screen

When some DVDs (and not others) are inserted in my DVD player, the TV displays a background image from the DVD. This is NOT the menu. It is displayed when the DVD is stopped, for as long as the DVD is in the machine.

I’ve looked at various DVD authoring software, but have not found any way to include such a background image on my burned DVDs. Would someone please tell me how to do it, or what software I need? ADVthanksANCE

Loads of DVD Players do that…Mine Does…Always plays a background image when its idle…It’s built into the Players…Not the DVD

Loads of players display a background image… usually showing the name of the player manufacturer.

If you read my first post more closely, you will see that I said that my player “displays a background image from the DVD”–this is a static image from the movie, and changes with each DVD. Some DVDs do not have any at all, in which case the player’s default backgound image displays.

This must be part of the DVD-Video specification, but I can’t find out how to place such an image on the DVDs I burn. Anyone know?

i do not have any dvd software on my computer, but if i did, i would put 2 separate discs in - 1 with the pausescreen background image, and one without, and see if there is anything that is on one and not the other. I would think/hope the background image would stand out, but I am not sure.

ckin2001: yes, that’s the right approach. I’ve found something, and also have a question about what I’ve found. But since there has been more discussion about this in another thread, I’ve posted my findings here: