DVD back up

Help please
I used DVD decripter (all files) then used DVD2one (full disk) and when I try to burn the dvd ussing Nero it does not work.
If I burn in a DVD+RW it works perfectly in my dvd player but when I try to do it ussing a dvd+r this dvd does not play in my dvd player .
I have try 2 different dvd writers and 2 different brands of media but nothing seems to solve the problem.
The writers are: internal Memorex and an external HP writer
I should add that the consumer dvd player plays the DVD+RW that I have made

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Maybe you used a bad DVD+R media or your player has problems when handling DVD+R media.

Give this a try it should work, it has for me so far.

Thank you for your suggestions but I tried a different brand of dvd+r and did not work . My computer plays the dvd but home dvd players do not. what am i doing wrong?
Here is what i am doing
First I decrypt de dvd ussing dvd decrypter(all files) wiht all the options disable as the software maker advices then I run the outcome files in DVD2one(full disk). Then burn the files ussing nero and the result are disks that do not play in home dvd players. They play in mi computer but if whant to access this disk thru windows explorer it shows nothing.
What am I doing wrong?

check to make sure ur standalone is actually capable of playing dvd+r.