DVD Back Up taking an extremely long time...(CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD

I am using CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD I tried to backup a DVD movie, and it took 2.5 hours. Prior to this, it was only taking 45 minutes (which to me still seems long). I am not sure if it has something to do with my hardware specs (I only have 256MB RAM, running on a 1.54GB Athlon) or if it’s the DVD-ROM itself (Pioneer DVD-106S & BenQ DW1620).

I can’t figure out how come the process has tripled in time as I have done nothing different or changed any setting on my system. The bulk of the time is spent on just processing the DVD, with the burn only taking 15 mins. Is there any way to speed up the process??? Is 45 minutes a standard in backing up a DVD??? And finally, can anyone explain why the backup process tripled in time???


Im having the same problem,just give me a shout when you have found a solution on this.


I have the exact same setup as well. Same software and the BenQ DW1620A DVD writer which I’ve read is one of the fastest writers out there. It took a little over 2 hours to copy a DVD at 12x speed. The old DVD writer I had in was a generic 8x speed burner and it copied my DVDs in just a little over 30 minutes. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Upgrade to the newer versions
CloneDVD v2.5.3.3
AnyDVD v4.1.0.1

This is the versions I use and it takes 25 minutes to encode a DVD9 movie and 15 minutes to burn to media

Use DVD Shrink and Nero to burn from original DVD movies. I only use Clone CD to copy already burned disks.

Even then it takes a while since the movie needs to be decrypted, compiled, etc., before it is burned. (Burning from original DVD only, not from already burned copies.) I have a P4 3GHz system with 1GB DDR400 and a brand new BenQ 1620 burner so it’s not you, it’s just a long, slow process.

Have you tried to use CloneCd with AnyDVD to make a image of the DVD and then burn it back? But this process involves you have a DL burner and DL disk to make 1:1 exact copies of the DVD movie. This process from making image file is 15-20 min and to burn image back is 30 min on a 8.5G DL disk.