Dvd back up problem

Hi, I bought Ice Age 2 from a colleague at work for my son. It was the original r2 version and was used. I tried to back it up (he’s only 5 so I didn’t want the real one scratched) using Shrink with no luck so I tried the original in the machine. It played for about 2 minutes then jumped, I fast forwarded a bit and tried again and it jumped and stopped playing. There are no big scratches on the back so what I need to know is could I have damaged the dvd by trying to copy it when it is copy protected or do you think there was something wrong with it when I bought it? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m still new to this.

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look like you have a dirty disc try to clean the disc with soft wet cloths or cleanex two or three times then try again that might works.

Buying at work are you sure you got a legal copy ? When you turn over the disk is it silver on the back or another color. If it is not silver then it is a copy. You can download
dvdinfo buy going to google and look at the disk with it and it will show you if you got a legal copy or not.

What legal copy has anything to do with it you might say may be is protected copy that is not being rip but again he says he can even play the disc. Even with protected copy he should have no problem play it in his pc.

Check to see how it plays in a standalone DVD player. (not sure if you tried that yet, i’m sure u did though)
If it plays try playing on computer again with ANYDVD running in the background.
If that don’t work try ripping to ISO with DVD Decrypter str8 to HD.
If that don’t work ask for your money back cause it got hit by magnitized or scratched.

I agree this the way to go.

if it is not legal that could explain why he cannot play it and or rip it. It should have noticed he said he tried to play it on his machine which I now assume is his computer, I thought he meant a player. He still should check to see if it is a legal copy buying form someone at work could mean it is copied and or a copy form another country.

could be PAL and may play after running AnyDVD