DVD "back up" Issues



How excited I am…this is my FIRST “thread” posting…Here goes…

I have an older Gateway desktop computer with Windows XP and a Memorex CD/DVD burner. I have NEVER had issues backing up DVD’s until recently.

I have been using DVDFab Decrypter with DVD Shrink forever with no problem until I tried backing up a movie a few weeks ago and the time it took to back up the movie went from 20 minutes total, to 450 HOURS! HELP!!

This is causing me all kinds of issues…I have reinstalled Windows three times thinking I had a virus or something, but each time I’ve reinstalled, I was able to back up a movie with no problems, but the second time I tried backing up a movie, it was back to 450 hours again.

If ANYONE has had this issue or anything like this please help me out!! This one has me down and out… :confused::sad:


Sounds like a DMA issue. Read through this guide for checking DMA in your computer.
The most important thing to look for is Current Transfer Mode. It should be Ultra DMA 4 or 2 (don’t know for certain which with your particular drive).


Thanks so much for the quick response. I’ll be sure and give it a look tonight - after work. Hopefully this will fix the problem! :slight_smile: