DVD Back up in older dvd Players

Is there a reason an older DVD player wont play back ups? is there anything to avoide this problem?

No one can help with this Question?

What burner and players are you using?

I have a couple of older (5+ years) Toshiba DVD-ROM drives that have issues with -R media, even the really high quality stuff (Taiyo Yuden) .

Check it out here:

If by “DVD player” you mean a stand alone player, check out www.videohelp.com. Under the DVD player section look for your player. If it is there, there should be information on what disks it can read.

Also, if you are using +R disks for your backups. Make sure that you are setting the booktype to DVD-ROM (if your burner can do this that is). The DVD-ROM booktype greatly increases the playback of +R backups.